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Найти преступника

идем в 36 64, используем ошейник и отбиваемся от приследуемых мобов. как прибудем на место, убиваем моба в пещере.

Комментарий от Ghirai.

Не вздумайте выполнять квест когда у вас меньше 10к хп, на пол пути или дальше вы умрете.

Комментарий от unw1s3.

По мне за весь путь нанесли 3к урона (79 хунт). Главное вовремя поймать в сеть приближающегося моба. и под ноги кинуть лёд. p.s. если упала этот итем, то просто юзаем его и сам Бранн Бронзобород появляется перед нами. Сдаём квест, берём следующий, итем не пропадает, так что нет надобности бежать к квестгиверу после квестов сдачи этой цепочки.

Комментарий от Spacum.

Сев на гончую разверните камеру, чтобы смотреть назад! Так вы будете видеть своих врагов и контролировать поле боя.

Комментарий от 45825243.

У меня проблема, переговорное устройство Бранна не из кого не выпадает. не знаю что делать.

Комментарий от Geffest.

Если вдруг выкинули диск(случайно) еще раз его можно в взять у Археолог Андорин.

Комментарий от comod.

Что делать если я случаино выкинул ошейник?скажите пожалуйсто.

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Взять заново квест О,о.

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Пришел на указанное место, заюзал гончую. Она появилась но сесть на нее нельзя, стоит и все. Пошел убил моба в пещере. Осталось не выполненным выследить вора.

Комментарий от eugene6.

Чтобы сделать квест надо оседлать Ледокуса 40.8 51.2.

Комментарий от Zurikk09.

А если не падает переговорное устройство.

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Комментарий от draal.

Start at 45,56 and use the collar provided. Then you will get on to the back of the wolf and ride to 38,61 you will need to snare the Dwarfs running after you with a net or a freezing trap. Once there defeat Tracker Thulin and receive Brann’s Communicator.

Use the communicator to talk with Brann.

Комментарий от BatmanBeta.

Above co-ords are incorrect. Use the Frosthound’s Collar at 36,64.

Комментарий от Sizux.

The level 80 rare spawn Dirkee was right in front of the quest giver, so when I started it, he’d automatically kill me. What a horrible spawn point for him.

Комментарий от Tryptamine.

Make sure you kill all the mobs around that area or they will keep on chasing you.

Комментарий от Tryptamine.

Use your 2 abilities to keep them off your tail, once you got there, kill Tracker Thulin and loot Use that to call Brann Bronzebeard and continue with the chain.

Комментарий от Bravotango.

I’m trying to backtrack a series of quests to get reputation. I’ve come to this one. Now, I don’t see anywhere how to get this quest or from whom.

Ok, I was able to find it. The quest giver is Archaeologist Andorin ) and this is a follow up to the quest On Brann’s Trail.

Комментарий от TeXuZ.

First off, go to (36. 64) and use your. then protect yourself and your wolf from the followers.

Secondly, when you’re outside the cavern (48. 61). Go in and slay Tracker Thulin , loot from him, and use it to summon Brann Bronzebeard.

Комментарий от Krazitrain.

People without co-ords, camp is directly south of the last s of Temple of Storms.

Комментарий от DKKLF.

Комментарий от DKKLF.

Комментарий от ME412.

The locations are around Here.

Комментарий от Femalemage.

How annoying. Keep in mind that after going to the camp, running with wolf, you need to kill the guy inside cave. But the big problem is to deliver. Go to 37,43 (The inventor’s libary) and use Brann’s Communicator to deliver.

Комментарий от Connec.

The last comment is not true^^ i used the comunicator just outside the cave and it worked perfectly.

Комментарий от o0omystarz.

Id recommend killing everything at the camp at first, because then it reduces the amount that is chasing after you the whole way to the cave. I died on my first attempt because i had agro’d everything at the camp plus they spawn out of no where and chase you, plus you also get rhinos who chase you as well.

Комментарий от Monzter.

Just a tip for Warlocks doing this: Turn off Soul Link if you have it. Otherwise it will work the opposite way as usual (since you’re the pet and Frostwolf is your master) Which almost lead to my death atleast. Just an FYI.

Комментарий от Shubi.

BatmanBeta thanks for cords.

BTW b4 you use Frosthound’s Collar be sure that you’r full with HP and buffed as posible, coz you’ll need HP to stay alive while running to the thief’s hiding place or alot of aggroed mobs will kill you 🙂 I’m Rogue (with 15500 HP) and almost die b4 quest was completed.

P.S. Sorry for bad English.

Комментарий от unfair.

I died twice before figuring out that you need to clear the 8 trackers in the camp and up the valley you run through. I had 11k xp and they killed me well before getting to the cave each time. Also, do not use the ice under rhinos or other mobs or they will attack you as well.

You may end up aggroing a wyrm, but if you cleared the trackers you should survive that. As long as you clear the trackers you will only have 1-2 mobs following you at any time, and shouldnt even have to use the ice. When one appears target him right away and use the net.

Комментарий от Imaginist.

Комментарий от SMaloy.

Besides what is posted, a good tip is when on Frosthound and running, move the mouse to where you can see what’s behind you. That way when the trackers spawn you do a quick mouse click on them and hit the # 1 key, (net) it will stop the trackers pretty much as soon as they spawn. They might get you one with the hammer, but after that you will be so far ahead that they despawn. There will be a total of about 5 trackers that spawn in route to Theif. I did it this way and when i got to Theif I still had full health and was ready for fight.

Комментарий от pagos93.

tri to aoe(2nd skil) when theyre all together then ull escape from then, then every single one comes after u just use the web and hes gone untill u reach the finish. Good luck.

Комментарий от pagos93.

try to aoe(2nd skil) when they’re all together then u’ll escape from them, then every single one comes after u just use the web and hes gone untill u reach the finish. Good luck.

Комментарий от Kevoto.

How to get in the cave.

Комментарий от nrturner.

Just a note for those who play on PvP servers — the wolf that you mount for this quest is marked for PvP, unlike some other similar quests, and it is therefore possible for enemy players to kill your mount while on the quest. You need to complete the wolf bit to the cave to be able to successfully complete the quest, so if you are ganked you will need to go back and summon the wolf again. You can’t just go to the cave at the end and kill the mob.

Комментарий от karbonii.

As of 4/13/09 Questhelper giver the wrong Coords for this spot.

Комментарий от Adreya.

Try killing he mob around the abandoned camp before using the collar. I did this as a level 79 druid with only 12k health and managed to stay alive all the way to the cave. Also, you can confront the theif and get the communication device before you use the collar, HOWEVER, you will still have to go back and use the collar at the camp even if you kill the theif first. ) good luck.

Комментарий от Gimliish.

Also to turn in this quest you need to use Brann’s Communicator.

Комментарий от Fricfrac.

A method that worked for me, is to jump off it as soon as you can, then just follow on your own mount, dead easy and it works.

Комментарий от hazmat3255.

Overall not too hard of a quest. Be sure to use the net and Ice ability as soon as they are ready. When you get to the cave kill the thief and use the communicator and speak with the guy who pops up and then accept the quest. Just don’t do what I did which is forgot to accept it, kill the thief again and then find out your communicator is still on CD. God that sucked.

Комментарий от Teldarsterallnes.

$%^ in dwarves attack you, not the Vehicle like it should . which means that if you are a mage lower than 80 and you manage to throw up ice barrier for the whole ^ *!in ride you’re dead. i found this out the hard way. twice.

Комментарий от Archaeic.

I actually tried this the ‘proper’ way once, and died because the dwarves hit me rather than the mount.

I’m playing at a level 78 Balance druid, so I have Flight Form. Not epic, mind you, just the normal. First, I summoned the frosthound. I immediately dismounted, and it started to run out of camp. I hit flight form and followed. At about the halfway mark it was getting low on health, so I started to Moonfire any adds and use travel form in between. Both the wolf and I were at low health when we got there, but it was a damn sight easier than doing the quest the normal way.

Комментарий от stimun.

Quest failed, this is why: Used the tracking hound, protected the hound (riding it) — got to the cave. Killed Tracker Thulin , looted from him, and use it to summon Brann Bronzebeard . Brann Bronzebeard showed, but I could not turn in the quest, because the thief was not tracked (?) (Lightheaded said that part of the quest was not done.

Why this happended is because when the tracking wolf stopped, it stopped just outside the cave entrance, but still in the snow. I had to do it all over again, but when the wolf stopped outside the cavern this time, me still riding on it’s back, i pushed the forward button on my keyboard and moved the wolf and me onto the cave stone floor just outside the cave.

Then i called on mr. Brann, and quest completed.

Комментарий от MajorLeaf.

And leave the cave BEFORE using the comm. The respawn time on the tracker is VERY fast.

Комментарий от GreybackFizz.

Just thought I would pitch in and add some helpful tips as i had a bit of trouble with the tracking part of this quest as well. If your having an issue with dying before you make it to the cave, stay on the wolf, turn your camera around to face backwards so you can see them coming, and use your net, or ice before they get close enough to you. Also if your finding yourself lacking health, and you are dual spec’d, try switching to a spec that might improve your health enough for you to make it there. I switched from Unholy to Blood, turned my camera around, and had no problem what so ever as a level 77 DK with 21k health.

Комментарий от deejayadz.

If you are having an unbelievably frustrating time trying to loot Brann’s Communicator, please check your bank. Ohh the grin on my face when I saw it sitting there.

Комментарий от ziggy29.

Frustrating. Almost died on the way to the cave, dropped off in front of the cave, tanked my way through four pursuing dwarves AND killed Thulin. Couldn’t get credit for tracking the thief. I used the communicator and Brann just says who are you.

Two keys here — first, clear all the dwarves out of the abandoned camp before mounting the hound; that is your best shot at making it with a fair amount of health left. Secondly, when the hound stops, RIDE IT into the cave (don’t go in on foot) — and then kill Thulin and the mobs (the latter being weak for their level.

Комментарий от JohnasRavenholdt.

Go to Bor’s Breath there is a ledge with three dwarfs guarding the camp! If u use cords its ( 36.0 64.1 ) u cant miss it thou to the right ou templ of storms its near the foot stepps! Ppl can be a buncha geeks whn it comes to this game! use the ( Frosthounds Collar ) there then run to the cave ( to the far left the second cave ) wlk in kill the guy get the lighter use it tha shld complete the quest! cords for the cave are ( 47.5 61.2 )! but thas if u use cords! (THA WASNT SO HARD TO SAY NOW WAS IT PPL.

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Найти преступника.

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